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So many Salesmen..

I truly love all my clients. Husky is a modest sized company with a true friends and family approach. I personally visit clients and still do a large portion of the repairs. We have a skilled installation crew that can make anything work from new construction to retrofits.

That said, the last few years a growing number of new clients and referrals from my book of business all say the same thing.....


Seems companies are focusing on “SELLING MORE” and “FIXING LESS”.... This translates into higher prices and more frustration for home owners.

We at Husky Heating and Air Services are genuinely interested in building a business that doesn’t need to spend a lot of money on Logo or Advertise (part of the other guys high cost).

We believe the need to charge huge fees is to cover a large Advertising Budgets and Greed. If you build business with client retention and reasonable prices, the Weather is all you need.

We at Husky Heating and Air Services are interested in an old fashion approach to use our clients and “WORD OF MOUTH” to grow, in return keeping our overhead low and the savings high.

Often our new clients will comment that they felt ”being sold“ from the minute they opened the door. The ”other guy” didn’t even look at the furnace/AC... We at Husky Heating and Air Services always listen to our customers and never Pressure for a Sale..

We will always give our clients the option to “FIX” or “REPLACE” the HVAC system. Most of all, we try to carry 60% first trip repair parts in our trucks. This avoids down time and saves is all money.

Although the time will come to Replace Aging Systems, we will have won your trust and the decision process will be less Selling and more Comfortable....

I wanted to post this for a while, because it is really what our reason for being in business is about. Saving People Time and Money..

Thanks for reading. Any questions please call me Directly..(385)-299-6524

Best Regards,


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